Anita Kaufmann
October 10, 1954 – November 26, 2003

“A kind and giving person who tried to better the world. She achieved closeness with God by honoring his Word.”

anita-kaufmann-and-debra-josephsOur mission is to educate the public not to fear epilepsy or brain trauma.

In carrying out Anita’s wishes, we have developed many educational activities and projects. Please browse our websites and learn how you can become an active participant. All of our educational materials are available free of charge upon request.

Anita’s greatest desire was to educate the public about epilepsy and help eliminate the fear and stigma associated with epilepsy and brain trauma. The Foundation was established in 2004 at the direction of Anita, after she passed away.

Learn more about us and get involved. Together, we can educate the public not to fear epilepsy and seizures.