Anita’s Story

anita-kaufmannAnita Kaufmann would like to share her story with the world, so that people will not be afraid of epilepsy, a condition that has been stigmatized for a very long time.

When Anita was 14 years old, she was thrown from a horse. She was not wearing protective head gear and suffered a head injury. She went into a coma for four days and was hospitalized for months. She appeared to make a full recovery.

After finishing high school in New Jersey, Anita graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. She then went on to obtain her law degree from Georgetown Law School.

Upon graduation, Anita worked as an associate with an elite law firm in New York City. After a few years, Anita changed careers from the practice of law to legal recruitment. In 1986 she launched her own legal search firm, Anita Kaufmann Associates (“AKA”). Under her leadership AKA became one of the most well respected firms in the industry. Her clients included Fortune 500 companies, major Wall Street financial institutions, and prestigious international law firms. Anita’s career blossomed.

Suddenly, one day, it all changed. Anita experienced one of her first seizures while taking a well-earned vacation. She was asked to leave the vacation spa where she was staying. At that moment, Anita decided to establish a foundation to help others avoid the discrimination she had suffered.

Anita wanted the world to know that most people with epilepsy can be successful and lead normal lives with medication or surgery.