Learn how the Fifth Grade Thinking About Epilepsy program helped a group of New Jersey students save a life. Read the full article.

From a nurse and educator:

I would like to share with you how much I enjoyed teaching the fifth grade epilepsy and seizure education program to fifth grade students, courtesy of The Anita Kaufmann Foundation.

The program is well developed, and most importantly, generated many questions from the students.

As a former school nurse and health educator for 11 years, I have seen firsthand how bullying and teasing can arise in a school setting from a lack of student knowledge regarding disorders or diseases that make someone ‘different’. This program gave the students enough information to fill in all the empty blanks about epilepsy. They learned about the brain, causes of epilepsy, what happens in the brain during a seizure, as well as how important it is to take care of their brain. They also learned that students with epilepsy can lead a normal life. In addition, the teachers benefited from the program.

I went to a school in western NY a few months ago and taught this program to the fifth grade classes. Previously, a fifth grader was being bullied and teased after having a seizure. The school nurse told me the other students are so kind to him now—no more teasing since presenting this program!

I look forward to teaching this program again next school year!

Thank you,

Lynn Horn

RN/Health Educator

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